Since 1996, Key Health has been the national leader in providing personal injury medical lien funding.

Our executive team brings diverse experience from industries spanning healthcare, insurance, legal and financial services. Key Health is headquartered in Westlake Village, CA and provides funding services throughout the U.S.

Each month, medical providers across the U.S. count on Key Health to fund thousands of medical accounts receivable with MedLien® support. These providers offer services to injured victims on a lien or letter of protection basis as part of a personal injury claim. All providers are independent and have no ownership stake in Key Health.

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Why Key Health

  • Key Health is the most experienced funding company in the personal injury medical field.
  • We continue to invest in new products and services to meet the demands of patients, medical providers and attorneys.
  • Key Health is the leader in providing customer interfaces and automation. We understand the importance of working within existing processes. From electronic billing with medical providers to on-demand access to client bills for attorneys, we continue to invest in solutions to make your job easier.