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Our readiness plan means we can work safely and remotely to provide fast and easy funding for you and your clients in these uncertain times.

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Injuries resulting from an accident can be severe and costly. Personal injury patients don’t need the added stress or worry of how to pay for medical services, especially if they have high deductibles, large co-payments, or are uninsured. Key Health provides medical funding to healthcare providers, enabling them to see patients on a lien or letter of protection. We even offer a pharmacy card program with no out of pocket costs for injury-related medicines.

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How We Help

As a medical funding industry leader, Key Health helps clients get the medical care they need in a timely manner, removing payment barriers. Key Health benefits include:

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No fees, expenses or monthly accruing costs

Help your clients get the care they need without financial strain.

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Thousands of providers

Find medical providers across the country who see patients on a lien or LOP.

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Exceptional service

With over two decades of expertise, we provide unparalleled support.

Each month, our MedLien® support funds thousands of personal injury medical accounts, allowing victims to focus on recovery and you to focus on the case.

How It Works

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Step 1


Contact us by phone, fax, email or for even faster service, use our portal to fill out a quick form with the plaintiff’s name, brief case details, and the service needed (MRI PT, Surgery, etc.). Identify the provider your plaintiff wants to use, or review with them a searchable list of providers in your areas with whom we are contracted.

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Step 2


Once a provider is chosen, we quickly review the case details (simple information required for common services like MRIs, more for complex care like surgeries) to approve funding. A lien and waiver (or Letter of Protection) is signed by all parties.

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Step 3


We assist in scheduling the treatment with the provider, communicating with your plaintiff and you, and advising when services have been completed.

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Step 4


After services are complete, we pay the provider and obtain the lien, bills, and records. We provide the bills and records for easy download in our portal for use in your settlement. When the case is settled, we work with you to resolve fair payment for the lien.

Find a Provider

We work with thousands of provider types around the country. Use the map below to explore options near your client. For comprehensive details on specific providers, call us at 877-MEDLIEN or
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Key Health, its parent, subsidiaries, and affiliates are not medical providers and do not direct medical care, nor endorses any specific provider. Providers may choose to work with you directly and are not obligated to sell any of their accounts receivable to Key Health.