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Key Health has helped me many times over the years locate providers who will accept clients on a lien basis. I often get out-of-state clients and have relied on Key Health’s relationships to help my clients get the care they need.

Adam G (Personal Injury Attorney)

We needed medical funding urgently, and Key Health worked diligently to approve it within 24 hours. Their organization truly works as a team to make the process smooth and simple.

Angie B. (Paralegal)
Joseph Monahan Firm, TX

Key Health is an amazing group to work with because of the options of medical specialists, hospitals, and pharmacies they can fund on our commercial personal injury cases.

Arnie X. Medina (Medical Case Manager/Licensed Adjuster)
Reyna Injury Lawyers, Corpus Christi, Texas

Key Health helps get my clients the care they need quickly and handles everything in a very professional manner. They have been an industry leader for over 20 years so we know they have the experience to handle almost any issue that could arise. In addition, Key provides funding for literally every medical specialty that my clients require, from physical therapy and MRI through pain management and surgical procedures. Having one funding company involved with a client makes it much easier to manage the case and the settlement negotiations.

Gerald Marcus
Law Offices of Gerald Marcus, Calabasas, CA

We’ve been extremely pleased with the customer service and responsiveness from Key Health. There is always a team of people eager to solve a problem or brainstorm about how to grow the business.

Kimberly L (Imaging)

Key Health is the premier funding company in the medical lien space. I rely heavily on their expertise and experience for our practice.

Melissa A (Surgery Center)

We have worked closely with Key Health for over 20 years. They are by far the most professional personal injury funding company in southern CA. Because they can offer funding on almost everything our patients require, it makes the whole process easy and convenient. They are also flexible when it comes to settling cases and this is essential for us in maintaining positive relationships with attorneys

Neal Bass
President, Neal Bass Management, Inc